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Interactive Cultural Educational Sessions for Children

Tiny Travels provides children in Devon with the opportunity to learn about different cultures in a fun, accessible, educational way with the mission to help promote understanding, reduce stereotypes and combat racism in the British countryside.


Our aim is for all children to grow up to respect and embrace people from all cultural backgrounds. We do this through interactive cultural educational sessions in nurseries, schools, libraries, family community events as well as providing anti-racism training to the adults helping to raise the next generation.

Tiny Travels offers children a fully immersive, fun opportunity to learn about cultures around the world!

Our Cultural Educational Sessions and Custom Made Round The World setups are entirely mobile meaning we come directly to you, saving time and costs.

Interactive Global Learning

Our backdrops are being created by designers from all around the world. This will show one region or continent comprising of 4 different countries. The boards are child size (1.2m square).


Colourful, child-size backdrops of photos showing celebrations, art, dress, landscapes created by women designers from each country.

These are Pakistani vegetables made from felt. Red carrots are used to make curries and deserts like sweet Halwa.


Custom made world foods. These are Pakistani vegetables made from felt. Red carrots are used to make curries and deserts like sweet Halwa.

This is a Vietnamese lotus clacker.


Instruments and musical buttons to press with language/songs from that country. This is a Vietnamese Chun Mo (a percussion instrument). 

This is a bag woven by the Wayuu indigenous people of Colombia.


Crafts, toys, textiles from different countries. This is a bag woven by a woman called Christina of the Wayuu indigenous people of Colombia.  

This is frankincense from Ethiopia.


Child-proof smelling pots containing spices, dried flowers, herbs, tea to smell. This is frankincense from Ethiopia. 

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Tiny Travels | Key Stage One

Our Mission

  • Expose children to different cultures from a very young age to interrupt generational cycles of racism in areas of the UK that greatly lack cultural diversity.
  • Inspire a love of learning about the world and cultures of the world.
  • Contribute to helping nurture children, educate their caregivers and their wider families to value, welcome, and respect all people, by providing a space where our differences are wholeheartedly celebrated.
  • Provide a welcoming environment for children to feel proud of themselves and their families’ culture and heritage, wherever that may be from.
Tiny Travels - Our Vision

Our Vision

Tiny Travels vision is of a fully equal society where all children can feel free and safe to live in their full humanity and the wholeness of their cultural identity. 

Help plant the seeds of change by booking a session to give the children in your care an opportunity to opem their eyes up to our beautiful diverse world. 

Tiny Travels - Cultural Learning Through Play

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