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We believe that all children can be part of building an equitable future.


Our children’s futures are full of cultural diversity and that is AMAZING!

Greater cultural diversity brings wide ranges of ideas and perspectives which increases empathy, connection, creativity and drives innovation.

Currently nearly 40% of all primary school children in Britain are not from White British backgrounds. This means, that like no generation before, our children’s futures with be full of amazing cultural diversity where they will be studying, working and living alongside people of many backgrounds.

We work in schools across the South West to help better prepare children in rural areas for life in Modern Britain, which in turn creates more welcoming and safer spaces for ethnically diverse children and adults to live in rural areas.

Racism in Devon and in the UK

Unfortunately, racism is very much not a “thing of the past” and data shows that racism in schools is actually rising. Brexit, Covid, the medias rampant focus on blaming immigration for issues have all led to increasingly polarised and divided communities. Meaningful cultural learning and anti-racism education in schools and early years settings is urgently needing to ensure all children are safe and can thrive.

Many racist incidents in schools occur in Year 7 so primary schools play a hugely important role in preparing children to be respectfully in community together. A lot of racial harm occurs due to lack of understanding and lack of education rather than malicious intent so it is the adults responsibility to equip all children with knowledge and cultural understanding. Click on the link to gain an insight of the current state of the racism in Devon schools and in today’s British society.


Young children are definitely not “colour blind” and attitudes about race and culture develop from a very young age. Racism (both overt and covert) is a learnt behaviour that begins very young (infographic here), however, with a pro-active approach to meaningfully celebrating diversity early on and breaking down stereotypes; early years settings play hugely pivotal role in helping to shape the next generation.

Our Cultural Celebration & Learning Sessions provide endless educational benefits as we combine role play, sensory play, song & dance and storytelling from diverse authors; with cultural education, which helps children become more respectful and compassionate towards all people. These sessions are directly linked to the Understanding the World topic in the Development Matters framework.

“That was absolutely brilliant, the children loved it and I was so surprised how engaged they were!” – Nursery manager after first session



We offer a full school approach covering all year groups where we tailor our sessions to each year group. Combating stereotypes through educational, engaging, interactive sessions helps to lay positive foundations in raising children who value and respect people of all backgrounds. 

In upper Key Stage 2 we also specialise in Standing Up to Racism sessions to help children feel empowered to be up-standers to both inter-personal and systemic racism in their school and communities. If you are a setting who wants to be part of helping to create positive change, please get in touch to book in our impactful sessions.

Year 4, 5, 6 Anti-Racism Session Testimonials 

“Your delivery today was excellent and the children were engaged and learnt so much about racism and particularly systemic racism. I too learnt a lot and will continue to support the children with their understanding. I appreciate the work that you are doing.” St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Buckfast

“Kate’s sessions for our Year 5 and 6 pupils were informative and enlightening. The sessions provided the children with an open, safe and respectful forum in which to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on racism and how it affects both their school and wider lives. The sessions encouraged discussion and enabled the children to talk about their prior knowledge, before gaining new knowledge into how racism affects all facets of our lives, thus improving their understanding.” Assistant Head Teacher, Buckfastleigh Primary School


Some of our Cultural Educational Experiences: 

🌍 Amazing African Continent Experience to combat stereotypes and racism 

🪦Remembrance Day – focus on the millions of soldiers from Asia, Africa & The Caribbean who fought for Britain 

🎄Christmas Around The World – focus on Latin America & the spread of Christianity 

☪️ World Religion Day – move beyond “tolerating other people” to embedding appreciation of religious diversity

🇲🇽 Day of the Dead in Mexico 

🇮🇳 The Partition of India & British Colonialism 

🧕🏾 International Women’s Day Hero – Malala from Pakistan, Frida Kahlo Mexico, Wangari Maathai Kenya 

👸🏿Amazing African Queens – Learn about some of the amazing Black women Queens through African history 

🕌 Eid & Ramadan

💱 Understanding Trade, Geography and creating a fairer future 

✡️ Holocaust Memorial Day and Celebrating Jewish communities around the World 

🌱Earth Day and World Rainforest Day

🛞 Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Heritage month 

🏳️‍🌈 Pride Heroes from around the world 

❤️ Migration & Refugee Day

⚓️ Francis Drake, Columbus & Colonisation

🌏 East and South East Asian Heritage Month to learn about huge contributions of British ESEA communities 

🪖WW2 – Learning about the historically excluded Black and Asian war heroes

We also create bespoke sessions on request 

Learning Outcomes

Cultural competency
Social-emotional development

What teachers say:

“You’ve covered my whole curriculum in one morning!” – Year 1 teacher

“The children have learned more in this session than a whole term of PSHE lessons” – Year 2 teacher

What parents say:

“My 5 year old has been taking about her World Religion Day experience non-stop for 2 weeks! You’ve really inspired her” – Year 1 Parent

“My child came home and told me she learnt that everyone is different and that is AMAZING” – Parent of a 4 year old 

We were so lucky that our whole school from Nursery-Year 6 were able to take part in a Tiny travels-Black History Month workshop. Kate was extremely professional and organised she adapted the sessions to meet each age/ stage needs. All our children and staff gave fantastic feedback and explained how we all came away learning something new. Kate addressed stereotypes, the way we use language and got us thinking about respect for when something is unfamiliar to us. Kate discussed this in an age-appropriate safe manner. The children were extremely engaged and due to Kate’s great planning they were able to also lead their own learning through thoughtful questions. Kate was highly engaging and motivating, her resources were high quality, and it offered the whole class time to explore. We would highly recommend this session. As educators we need to share and celebrate how diverse our world is and address conversation. History/ Diversity Lead, Primary School in Exeter

“Tiny Travels far and away exceeded my expectations. I had imagined it was Early Years appropriate and would give children a flavour of other cultures but the sessions did far more than this. Not only did the children from Pre-school to Year 6, experience artefacts and learn about different celebrations around the world, they also thought about more complex themes such as stereotypes, colonialism and slavery, all at an age-appropriate level. As a headteacher of colour, and a trainer in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, I highly recommend Tiny Travels” Executive Headteacher from schools in North Devon

Ivybridge Community College were privileged to host Kate and Tiny Travels last week. Kate’s workshops were well planned and engaging for our pupils. The images Kate shared with pupils challenged some of their misconceptions, particularly on single stories about Africa. The pupils enjoyed the range of hands-on activities and came away with a better sense of diversity. They also felt more confident and empowered on how to challenge any prejudice, due to the strategies Kate shared. Executive Director of History, Westcountry Schools Trust

Our sessions are Devon County Council recommended for schools and nurseries by the Hate Crime Prevention and Migration & Settlement team. We work with Global Majority anti-racism specialists to guide us in how to explore race, culture and ethnicity with young children in a way that is empowering and transformative.


Our focus on sensory exploration during our interactive sessions ensures that children of all abilities enjoy and benefit greatly. We have experience in SEND schools and have worked with children of all ages. Here is feedback from a KS3 group.

“When our Student Council requested that Kate created a bespoke event to celebrate Pride Month she absolutely rose to the challenge. This is the fourth workshop she has delivered to us now and each time she has really understood our children’s unique needs and has worked to meet these and today was no different.

Our students were captivated by the stories of LGBTQIA+ activists, both current and historical, which helped to dispel stereotypes and promote broader thinking. Linking the individual stories and making connections to their different countries in addition to exploring each of the nations in her unique multi-sensory approach worked simultaneously to inspire our students to research the activists in their own time.

This is a great way to engage students in learning about diversity and thoroughly supports British Values education and Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural education in Pride month and beyond.”- Stacey Clements, The Greater Horseshoe School


 Cultural Educational Experiences start from £200. We bring the world to your children saving your school costs of a coach, the children get to have a special experience exploring different cultures without any travel required. Many settings book different experiences throughout the year to build on the children’s knowledge and we offer package prices.

Standing Up to Racism KS2 session mornings start from £200 and we offer package prices for a course of sessions.

For a full setting approach to racial and cultural inclusion, we offer in person anti-racism sessions for staff, children, caregivers, SLT and governors as well as library audits, reading spine development, learning environment audits, anti-racism policy implementation and curriculum design.

We are committed to avoiding tokenisation and tick-box exercises so please do read our guidance ahead of booking a Tiny Travels session.

Join Tiny Travels on an adventure around the world and a join the journey in learning how to create a better future for all.

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Tiny Travels - Cultural Learning Through Play

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